Wonderwall Pinot Noir

Okay okay, I bought this wine because of the label. But how could I not, it is Salvador Dali with his ocelot? I actually bought this for the first time for my birthday last year. My birthday tends to fall around the Jewish High Holidays, which is slightly annoying, but last year it fell smack dab on Yom Kippur. If you don’t know much about Jewish holidays, it’s cool, but Yom Kippur is one of the most important on the Jewish calendar. That said, it is a day in which we are supposed to atone for all of our sins from the past year (no small feat) and we show our contrition through abstaining from basically all the good things in life including food. So yes, I didn’t eat until sundown on my 28th birthday but I made up for it by diving head first into a pile of Kansas City’s best bagels and this wine.

Having this wine nearly a year later, it is as good as I remember. It smells like cranberries, dried leaves and Turkish figs. On the palate, it tastes like pomegranate and vanilla bean. This reminds me of the perfect fall day, when the temp. Is around 50 degrees, the leaves are various hues of orange and brown and you are playing Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” on loop. Fall is my favorite season and I’m not sure if it is because I associate it with my birthday or because it’s simply beautiful, but either way I love it. I have friends that live in places where seasons are basically nonexistent and while that sounds preferable to 103 degree days in the summer and -5 degree days in the winter, I think I would profoundly miss the seasons. Especially spring and fall.

I know that my birthday is at least part of why I love fall. I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY. I love anyone’s birthday honestly. I know I’m 28 and should probably get over it. It really weirded my husband out how much I love birthdays when we first started dating. He now knows what a big deal it is to me and begrudgingly obliges me. This year we are taking a trip to Chicago for my birthday but I’m having a party the week later. It is actually going to be a costume party (since my birthday is in October). I have been planning my costume since May and am happy to report that most of it is vintage and while I’d love to keep it a surprise, I just can’t. I’m going as Margot Tenenbaum and encouraging people to go as Wes Anderson characters. I found the perfect faux fur coat, polo dress and pink gloves. Now, if only I could find a wooden finger...

In reality it is only early August and we are a ways away from 50 degree days and multicolored leaves. It’s fine though, I enjoy what all of the seasons have to offer even if it is blistering heat and humidity. At least I can drink canned wine at the pool. However, I am going to spend the rest of my day in the air conditioning, listening to Lou Reed and drinking Wonderwall. Maybe I’ll even sneak some sangria in the park, who knows?