Marichal Tannat

I don’t condone violence of any kind, but remember when Richard Spencer got punched in the face and it was like the best thing ever? I have a story that’s kind of like that but not quite as good because what’s better than a Nazi getting punched in the face? Okay, I used to work for this misogynist pig who sexually harassed my entire department. It was disgusting and regardless of the fact that everyone reported it again and again, he kept his job. I was one of four to leave within a year and while he wasn’t the entire reason I left, the atmosphere he had created with his general douche baggery was a part of it.

I moved on to a new job that I am completely in love with and kind of forgot about that tool. Well, today, my friend who still works there texted me telling me that over the weekend the douche was bitten in the face by a dog! My immediate response was laughter. Again, I don’t condone violence or wish ill-will toward anyone but sometimes you just wonder if the universe has your back. Maybe if you are nice to people a dog won’t bite you in the face. I don’t know, plenty of nice people might still get bitten by dogs but it was hard for me not to chalk this up somewhat to karmic retribution. And I’m basically an agnostic Jew who doesn’t believe in anything!

So I went to my wine shop after work with a skip in my step because maybe all was right with the world even if just for an instant. I decided to look for something interesting and funky but not expensive. I found a wine for $15 and it was both from a region and a varietal I’d never tried. The winemaker is Marichal, a family-owned winery in Uruguay that is passionate about sustainable practices and only hand-picks its grapes. The varietal is Tannat, one I had never heard of or seen before but is popular in Uruguay, even called the national grape by some.

The Tannat smells like raspberries and baking spices with a nuttiness. I went to Whole Foods a few weeks ago and was accosted by an employee telling me that raspberries were two for $3 and imploring me to buy some. I wasn’t really in the mood for raspberries but I’m also not one to turn down a great deal, so I bought two packages. When I got home I snacked on some and realized that I rarely eat raspberries on their own and they have a complex flavor profile and even a nuttiness to them that I’d never realized. This wine encapsulates the raspberry.

On the palate it is bright and acidic tasting like rhubarb straight from the garden-- not a strawberry rhubarb pie, just rhubarb with some yogurt or something. This also tastes like cranberry juice, like the organic stuff without all of the sugar added. I think I’m just trying to say that it’s uber tart but in such a good way. It’s really hard for me to do big bold reds during the summer. They are my favorite, but when it gets hot, I just want something light-bodied that I can throw back on my porch. This wine checks both of those boxes.

Well, I hope I don’t seem like too big an asshole for laughing at my old boss getting bitten in the face by a dog. Then again, I don’t really care if I do because he’s an asshole and a large part of me thinks he gets away with it because he’s a privileged white man. I’m just going to keep drinking this wine and throwing middle fingers up to that patriarchal nonsense. I hope you’ll join me!