Oui Oui Rosé

I took close to seven years of French, starting in middle school. Actually, the reason I chose French over Spanish (our only two options) was because the Spanish teacher seemed like a real creep. The French teacher on the other hand was a sweet older woman and I could dig that. Oddly enough, I stopped taking French in high school after one year because THAT teacher seemed like a creep. I started again in college and got pretty close to fluency but never studied abroad because my parents wouldn’t foot the bill and didn't want me taking out loans for it. Ah well. I can still read it for the most part, but forget speaking or listening, not gonna happen. That said, I know the phrase “oui oui” well.

I was so excited to learn about Oui Oui Rosé, a collaboration between my favorite winemaker, Field Recordings, and my favorite wine shop, Underdog. I don’t buy a ton of rosé which is dumb, because it’s great, but I kind of overdid it one summer and still haven’t quite got the hankering back. However, this rosé is delightful. I asked Ryan Sciara, the owner of Underdog and co-creator of this wine to tell me about it and in his words, “It’s 100% Grenache. Central Coast appellation but the majority of the fruit comes from Paso. Oh, and it's f*ing delicious!” Well said.

Oui Oui is bright and fruity with a briny, seawater quality to it and a bit of anise on the nose. It reminds me of the Central Coast of California (duh, I know but listen). I would love to drink this on the deck of a cabin in Big Sur. I’ve actually only driven through Big Sur because it was literally on fire when I was there a few years ago, but it was still fucking amazing. Also, can we talk about how it’s annoying that Big Little Lies is supposed to be set in Monterey but they are like constantly driving over the Bixby Bridge when they are on their way to meet up for drinks or whatever? Where are they going?

This wine also reminds me of the video for Fleet Foxes' new song, Fool's Errand. If you think Fleet Foxes is overrated, whatever, I still like them. I saw them live like five or so years ago and they were fantastic. I'm super excited for the new album. This song is particularly great with a video that is equally wonderful. I could watch modern dance on coastal/forested landscapes all day. Preferably while sipping Oui Oui.

Anyway, this wine feels special for me because it was Field Recordings that introduced me to good wine and Underdog where I went when I started taking wine more seriously. Both have had instrumental roles in my wine journey, so to get to enjoy something created by both of them kind of makes my mind and heart explode.

If I had the foresight to meal plan, I would pair this with some sort of white fish, like tilapia or halibut. But I won’t lie, it also pairs just fine with Annie’s mac & cheese after a long day. So you could say it’s versatile. Also, please don’t judge. Also also, I probably shouldn’t have any more fish this week because I’ve already had it three times in four days. Oops. I foresee drinking a lot of this in the next couple of months because, as they say, rosé season is upon us and I’m game!