I drank The Fableist Cabernet Sauvignon on the night of the election. Actually, I posted the above pic on Instagram election day with the caption, “What do we think would pair best with a Clinton presidency or the world going down in flames?” As you might have gathered, I was displeased with the outcome of the election to say the least. In other words, I went into a deep depression November 9-? (still working on it-- Trump should seriously foot my therapy bills). I hadn’t bought this wine since. Not for any particular reason, but I decided to get it the other day when it was gray and chilly and I wanted a big bold red. This wine is delicious and sumptuous, full of big berries and dark fruits. I get a lot of overripe plum. It’s tart but bold with a spiciness that lingers on your tongue. The Fableist is a collaboration between Field Recordings and Sans Liege. I’ve tried three of their wines (all reds) and they have all been fantastic.

Field Recordings was my intro into good wine. I had Fiction Red at an anniversary dinner three years ago and was in love. I started regularly buying bottles of Fiction, Wonderwall and The Fableist not realizing they were all under the Field Recordings umbrella. I was lucky enough to meet Andrew Jones, founder of Field Recordings, in March (and he even knew me as @catsandlacroix) at Underdog. I told him “Your wine convinced me to stop drinking shitty wine!” And he laughed and signed my bottle "Undercat" which made my year.

The Fableist cabernet is so rich and totally outlives its former reputation as the election night wine. Oh the election. I could write a tome about my post-election feelings. In essence, I’m still hurt and confused. I will never understand how we could elect a person who openly bragged about sexually assaulting women (not to mention all of the other egregious shit he has said/done and continues to do) to the highest political office, but here we are. All we can do is keep drinking good wine and resisting, preferably at the same time. Call your reps & drink this wine!