Jordi Miró Ennak+

cats and la croix.jpg

Hello again and Shana Tovah for those celebrating! I am glad to be back after a little time off and I have the most perfect wine to review. I’ve been calling it the “cat wine” for obvious reasons, but its real name is Ennak+ by Jordi Miró. The Ennak+ is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Tempranillo, Merlot and Syrah. This wine was made using organic grapes that were hand picked, so I think it’s fair to say that it’s pretty natty. I’m pairing this with Moonrise Kingdom. Moonrise Kingdom is probably the Wes Anderson film with which I am the least familiar. However, I felt like I should rewatch it as I prepare for my Wes Anderson themed birthday party in a month. Also, there is a super cute cat in it.

The Ennak+ smells like fresh herbs and concrete after the rain. It is sort of the perfect wine for the changing of the seasons, it is the last day of summer after all and the leaves are starting to turn various hues of yellow and orange but it is still warm enough to wear a summer dress. On the palate, it tastes like black pepper, plum and fig. This movie is also kind of the best last hurrah for the summer. It takes place on an island which I’m guessing is off the New England coast and centers on two runaways, one from her idyllic seaside home and one from his summer camp. It makes me super nostalgic for summer camp in the 1960’s even though I wasn’t alive then and the only camp I ever went to was a bible camp with friends where we freaked our counselor out with our liberal views.

But this film does make me nostalgic and maybe it is just for around the time I saw it. I remember I saw this in theaters with my mom, brother and now husband in the summer of 2012. It was an amazing and horrific year-- I was married and shortly after, my brother died. I’m not sure how I convinced him to see this with me as he wasn’t usually one for Wes Anderson movies, but we went and it was great. I remember that my husband got the DVD for my birthday in 2013, but I didn’t watch it until now. It’s weird when you lose someone and places and things get tied up with memories of them. Five years later, I am really starting to heal from my brother’s death and can once again face things that remind me of him.  

I didn’t really expect this movie to bring up these memories for me, but maybe it is also the changing of the seasons or the reflective period between the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur that have me thinking. Whatever it is, I’m always thankful to be reminded of my brother and the time I spent with him. He wasn’t much of a wine drinker but I wish we could rewatch Moonrise Kingdom together and share this Ennak+. He also loved cats so I think he would approve.