Bichi Wines La Santa


Mexican wine are two words that you don’t hear together often, at least in my neck of the woods (Kansas City). However, I read about this amazing-looking natty wine out of Tecate, Mexico on my wine idol’s blog a while ago and made a mental note that I should try it if it ever made it to town. Well, lo and behold, the day has arrived. When I saw on instagram that my favorite local importer had Bichi, I went full fangirl and messaged one of the reps asking where I could get it. He assured me that it would be arriving in my favorite wine shop before long.

After perusing Bichi’s website, I learned that Mexico has actually been in the winemaking biz for hundreds of years. In fact, conquistadors planted vines in Mexico in the 1500’s, before more well-known wine-growing regions like Chile and Argentina. Let’s be real, the Conquistadors fucked up a lot of shit and that is not okay. We should fight against present day colonialism and view the past with a critical lens. That said, this isn’t a history lesson, it’s a blog post and I’ll let you do your own research and activism on/against colonialism.  

The Bichi wine I chose was the La Santa. La Santa is made from Rosa del Peru (or Moscatel Negro), a grape that was also introduced in California in the 18th century but has become much harder to find. Upon first pour, it is very light in color. It smells like freshly cut root vegetables-- beets, squash, pumpkin. It is tart on the palate, tasting like cranberries and mushrooms which I know does not sound good, but somehow it is. I am pairing this with short ribs because, to be honest, I knew nothing about the varietal and just decided to chance it. Luckily, this light-bodied, acidic red cuts the fat in the beef so well.

Along with the short ribs, I’m pairing the La Santa with Transparent season 4. I’ve actually already watched it in its entirety a few times (including once the night it was released) but it is just so good. If you’re not watching Transparent you’re missing out big time. It is so interesting because while all of the characters are kind of deplorable in their own ways (especially the kids), I relate to all of them (especially the kids).

However, this season it clicked. I’m an Ali and I always have been. I’m super interested in religion and spirituality but have no interest in rules and kind of just do my own thing. I also took time before college to find myself and in college I was definitely unaware of my privilege until I started taking challenging social science courses. I feel like Ali would really dig Bichi. It’s funky af and a little irreverent in its packaging. It’s also delicious. Do yourself a favor and pick up some Bichi and binge Transparent. You won't be sorry.