Ode to a Gamay

I heard about gamay long before I tried it and I was convinced I would love it because well, everyone else did. But I tried it a few years ago and was less than enthused. It was way too acidic for me and bordered on tasting sour. Maybe the bottle I had was corked (or just bad) but I avoided it for a bit. I decided to try the Prémices by Laurence & Rémi Dufaitre because I thought the minimalist label was dope and I tend to love anything imported by Jenny & Francois. I’m glad I did because this wine has been my favorite of the season! Seriously, this is like my fifth or sixth bottle this spring.

The first time I tried it was at my synagogue’s communal seder. I’m not sure the winemaker had matzah and haroset in mind as pairings, but it worked. Okay, I deleted it but I just went on a tirade about how this seder is technically BYOB, but everyone tries to steal your shit. Bottom line, I was not having it this year and guarded this bottle with my life, sharing it only with my friend John because he brought a sephardic matzoh pie. #worthit

But let’s get onto it, this wine is the shit. It smells like alcoholic roses (does that make sense? Like funky flowers with a little bit of alcohol.) Also like overripe bing cherries and Sweet Tarts, which is interesting because I don’t remember the last time I had Sweet Tarts. This wine is tart and acidic without being overwhelming like the first gamay I tried. I recommend chilling it for just a bit and then chilling with it for a bit. This is so versatile, you can serve it at a seder (or a normal dinner party) or just drink it on the porch with friends. It’s also the perfect spring/summer wine for red-wine lovers like myself. It is light-bodied but so smooth.

I will be drinking a lot more of this wine the next several months. So long as Underdog keeps it in stock, they will make a good deal of money off of me. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough.