Anthill Farms Dolcetto

Have you ever been in a situation in life where you honestly don’t know how or why you ended up there? That was my whole day today. It started with a meeting with a perfectly nice guy who has a strange past who I guess just wanted to meet with me to ask a favor of me. I can’t really say too much because there are legal concerns. Weird, I know. What followed was a series of strange phone calls and emails (all unconnected) and by 4:00 I was like “I NEED TO LEAVE. THIS DAY IS TOO WEIRD.” So I did. Actually, I tripped and fell down the stairs on my way out; the perfect bookend to a strange-ass day.

When I left, I decided to hit up my favorite wine shop since I didn’t really need to be home for a bit. I asked what was new and the owner showed me the Dolcetto by Anthill Farms Winery. He raved about the wine and explained that it is currently only being sold at that wine shop and on the winery’s website. I am a sucker for exclusivity as well as an attractively minimalist label (which this has) so I decided I had to have it. At around $25 it wasn’t too big a hit to the wallet.

I know little about Dolcetto but through Googling for a bit, I’ve learned it is usually grown in Piedmont in northwest Italy and can be acidic with low levels of tannins. It smells of brambly blackberry bushes and violets. The acidity is apparent on the palate but in such a pleasant way if, like me, you like acidic things (If not, wine might not be your fav). It’s all raspberries on the palate with a hint of plums. All the berries make me think of Maine in the summer. I’ve only been once and I was 13, but it was a super memorable trip for me. It was actually the first time I saw the ocean (I’m from Kansas, dude). I’d go on to visit the ocean nearly yearly after that trip. We ate a ton of berries while we were there-- berry turnovers, pancakes with berry jam, chicken marinated in some sort of berry sauce. It was all delicious.

I wasn’t aware of Anthill Farms before today and I wish I had been because they are awesome. They are a small, family-owned winery that produces a very limited quantity of wines to maintain quality. I was watching a really asinine reality show on which two women were fighting and started comparing how many cases of their respective wines they sold in the first year. One said, “I SOLD 10,000 CASES IN MY FIRST YEAR. I INVENTED PINOT GRIGIO.” Or something along those lines. I just laughed. Did they really think the goal was to sell enough wine so that it’s available at the drugstore? I don’t know, maybe so. But I really enjoy getting my hands on something that is harder to come by.

This wine is perfect in my book and maybe part of it is just knowing that there is not an endless supply of it. You always want what you can’t have and I’ll probably only be able to buy a few more bottles before my wine shop runs out. That kind of makes it sweeter though, the impermanence of it all. And luckily, after I am out of this, there will be something else interesting and new to discover. Okay, sorry to wax poetic about the ephemeral nature of life, but it’s been a weird day and I’m just in a weird place! All right, well I’m going to go continue to drink this wine while I listen to Drake and contemplate the universe or whatever.

P.S.: A special shout out to my internet friend, Stephanie Butnick, who you can catch weekly in one of my favorite podcasts, Unorthodox. She sent me some swag and is just an all around cool human. Sometimes I really love the internet!