Bloomer Creek Tanzen Dame


I originally saw this bottle on the manager of the Union Hill Underdog’s instagram. I asked if it was for sale and he said yes but he had one bottle. I promised him I could come in that afternoon if he would save it for me. I got my hands on it and I was so excited. Bloomer Creek is a winery in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York (where my husband’s family happens to be from). I toured some Finger Lakes wineries back in 2013 and drank my fair share of dry Riesling but knew little about wine. We have been back since to visit my husband, Matt’s family, but haven’t had time to tour wineries. It is my dream to go back to Upstate New York and visit Bloomer Creek. They are a natural winery that producing amazing unfiltered wines, such as the Tanzen Dame Pét-Nat.

I saved this wine for about a month before diving into it with my friend, Meg. I wanted to open it because I think you should open special bottles of wine and not just leave them to sit for forever. So I had my friend Meg over to watch a true crime movie and drink this funky white. It was a little volatile upon opening as many Pét-Nats are, but once the bubbles settled, we poured it and took a sniff. It smelled of apple cider vinegar and lime blossoms. On the palate it was straight up limestone and lemonade. I’m not even sure what limestone tastes like, but I would imagine that it is chalky. I went to the University of Kansas where our slogan is “Rock Chalk” after the chalky limestone found in our state.

This wine made me oddly nostalgic for college although it is from Upstate New York. However, we visited Ithaca, home of Cornell University in 2013, and it felt so familiar. It was liberal and had lots of eclectic shops downtown and I felt like I could have been in Lawrence, Kansas. College towns just do something to me. We were recently in my husband’s college town of Norman, Oklahoma and it made me want to go back to Lawrence so badly. It has been five years since I graduated from college and yet it feels like no time has passed at all.

A good wine can take you back or forward in time, sometimes to a place you’ve never been. But the best place you can be transported is to the place of nostalgia and the Tanzen Dame does that for me. It simultaneously takes me to Lawrence and Ithaca. You might not think that Kansas and New York would have that much in common, but I’d invite you to visit those two towns. You should also drink the Tanzen Dame if you do.