AmByth Estate Sauvignon Blanc


Disclaimer: I started writing this post before Hurricane Maria devestated Puerto Rico, so I hope my going on about the beauty of this island doesn't seem tone deaf. I hope you will consider donating to an organization that is providing relief to our fellow American citizens such as UNICEF.

First impression of this wine: it is orange AF. I have had several orange wines and have loved them all, but they are usually more of a gold/coppery hue than truly orange. The AmByth Sauvignon Blanc is a straight up sunset in a glass. AmByth Estate uses only organically grown grapes which are then crushed by foot. This skin-contact Sauvignon Blanc ages with its skins for 9 months until it achieves the perfect apple cider hue.

On the nose, this is pure passionfruit. I wouldn’t know this except I have been doing this experiment where I buy the strangest fruit I can find at the grocery store and try it as a means to entertain myself as well as expand my palate. While passionfruit isn’t strange, it is pretty uncommon in Kansas. I think I first tried fresh passionfruit when I was in Puerto Rico a year ago. We took a catamaran out to the island of Culebra off the coast of PR and it was absolutely beautiful. It was also all you could drink and they were serving rum with passionfruit juice. It was delicious. The smell of this wine takes me right back to the beaches of Culebra.

On the palate it tastes funky like apple cider vinegar, lime blossom and, you guessed it, passionfruit. It smells and tastes just like Passionfruit by Drake, perfect, right? Well, maybe not if you’re not a Drake fan but then why are you even here? It’s so damn smooth and you just want to listen to it on repeat while you sit on a Caribbean beach somewhere drinking the AmByth Estate Sauvignon Blanc. “Passionate from miles away, passive with the things you say.” Mmmmmmm.

I also dig that this wine is unfiltered and super cloudy. I tend to prefer unfiltered, unfined wines. They tend to have more funk and be less predictable, varying bottle to bottle. Sometimes that means you end up with something less than optimal, but I’ve been lucky and have loved all of the unfiltered wines I’ve tried. While I noted that this wine would be perfect for a Caribbean beach, it is also kind of perfect for fall in Kansas City. It’s still hot here so a chilled wine is not a bad thing, but the leaves are changing and don’t look unlike this Sauvignon Blanc. The apple cider vinegar quality to it feels pretty autumnal.