Isa Rosé

Disclaimer: I actually wrote this a few months ago when all I was drinking was rosé but didn't want to overwhelm the blog with rosé posts. However, last night I dominated a round of trivia called Rosé All Day, so I thought I would post this in honor of that. Enjoy!

Here is one of the many things I love about rosé-- it is easy to find great stuff that won’t break the bank. Take the Isa Rosé from Chemins de Bassac, imported by Jenny & Francois, for example. This organic and biodynamic wine was less than $15 at my local liquor store that specializes in wine. Sometimes natural wines can be intimidating either because of the price point or the unpredictability of them, but once you find a great importer, you’re golden. I trust anything brought to me by Jenny & Francois and am always impressed by the price point.

Chemins de Bassac is owned by winemakers, Isabelle and Rémy Ducellier. It is located near the city of Béziers which is in southeastern France, near the Mediterranean Sea. The Ducellier family has owned the 19th century vineyard since the mid-nineties and offer a red, white and Pinot Noir in addition to their rosé. This rosé is made up of Grenache Noir, Mourvèdre and Syrah (basically a rosé version of GSM).

It is a lovely shade of icy pink, like that frosted lipstick that was popular in the early aughts and I mean this in a nice, nostalgic way, not disparagingly. No way would I be caught dead wearing that shade now, but I may have donned it in my seventh grade school picture WHICH I WILL NOT SHOW YOU. Anyhow, it’s a lovely shade of light pink that I could have compared to way more topical things like the NARS eyeshadow in Goddess, which I am coveting hardcore. There, that’s better than frosted lipstick.

Let’s move on from makeup comparisons. This rosé smells like raspberries, red plum and parsley. It is super subtle on the palate and almost has notes of green apples and green peppers like a white might. There is also a briny/sweatiness to it that could be influenced by being grown so close to the sea. It is light but dense, with so much depth to it. It could hold its own with a heavier dish like pasta or steak easily, but you could also pair it with something lighter like fish or chicken. I’d recommend using some fresh herbs in whatever you’re making.

I’m enjoying this tonight on my porch contemplating World Refugee Day and reading Nayyirah Waheed. I really can’t believe the political mess that is our government right now. If you want to know more of my thoughts on this topic, read this post. I’m trying to move forward. The best thing to do is to support local organizations that do good political work. My favorite in Kansas City is Jewish Vocational Service (JVS). They serve our refugee population and people with disabilities, oh and I should note that they aren’t religious. Weren’t we all immigrants at one time? I think we should care for one another, that should just be a basic tenant we live by. If that’s not your philosophy then I hope you stop reading my blog cause we are all about helping people out around here. And helping people find good wine.