Revolver Chardonnay

I’m going to clue you all in on a serious life/wine hack: make friends with wine shop owners and distributors. They will hook you up and let you know where to find the good stuff. Case in point, I wrote last week about how I went to a wine tasting at a liquor store just steps from my office and ended up knowing the Somm leading the tasting from Instagram. Well, he clued me into another tasting he was leading even closer to my office and assured me they had great stuff. I was skeptical because they advertise a lot of mass-produced wines on their board outside (but I get it, those are the big sellers) and I was amazed to find so many of my favorite wines as well as great wines I had never heard of before.

One of the wines being featured at the tasting was the Altos Las Hormigas Revolver Chardonnay. This natural Chardonnay is unfined and unfiltered (and unoaked!) It is grown in Uco Valley of Argentina and there were just 637 bottles produced. I am a sucker for natural wines and at less than $20, I knew I had to pick this up. Also, “Revolver” may connote a gun for some, but for me? No no no; the Beatles album all the way. One of the best, in my opinion with some of my favorite album art in the world. So as soon as I got home, I popped open this bottle, turned on “I’m Only Sleeping” and sat down to chill for a bit before dinner.

This bouquet smells strongly of fresh anise and fennel. It is also lightly floral, with notes of honeysuckle. On the palate, it is bright, which is a descriptor a lot of people don’t associate with this varietal. I understand, I am a reformed Chardonnay nay-sayer, but let me assure you, there is nothing oaky or buttery about this wine. It tastes like fresh grapefruit juice and sitting on a sandy beach with nothing to do. It reminds me of this vacation I took to Gualala, California along the Northern Coast in 2007. I spent my days on the beach, which was chilly except for this little area surrounded by cliffs. I sat there and listened to Feist and wrote in a cheap floral journal I bought in Chinatown in San Francisco. I grew so much on that trip and had I been 21, I would have had so much good wine. That is probably a lie since I didn’t get into good wine until about 26. Oh well.

Tonight, I’m pairing this with some red curry tofu and vegetables. Don’t be too impressed, it’s takeout from Whole Foods. Whatever man, I have a full time job and a life so I don’t always make a homemade dinner. It’s chill though because a good wine can elevate any meal. I like pairing a bright white with a spicy dish, and maybe that’s like the most basic statement ever, but I don’t care. It’s fucking delicious, okay? My cat just joined me and I actually switched the album to Rubber Soul because it is my real favorite (sorry). K, buy this wine if you can find it. If not, I hope you lived vicariously through this post.