Petit Cochon Bronzé

I always overcommit. I don’t know if it’s my Jewish guilt or that I get serious FOMO when I see people doing interesting things on social media, but I regularly end up scheduling something every night of the week. This is all fine and good, but it can leave me feeling drained and oh, not seeing my husband, so that sucks. It’s all good stuff that I’m doing-- work meetings, volunteering, drinks with friends, but it’s still exhausting. I’m trying this new thing where I only schedule things two weeknights per week that way I can prioritize important things like working out, cooking at home, seeing my husband, oh and watching The Handmaid’s Tale (duh). Note that this rule does not apply to the weekends which are a fucking free for all.

Tonight is one of my “off” nights and while I didn’t have time to work out, I am making dinner. I decided to make two of my favorite go-to recipes, garlic salmon and Fattoush, which is hands down, my favorite salad (also, I usually make mine with naan because oddly enough, naan is easier to find than pita in KC). I am pairing all of this with Domaine Rimbert’s Petit Cochon Bronzé Rosé, imported by Jenny & Francois. I don’t know if I tend to pair salmon with rosé because they’re both pink or maybe because they both have that briny, seawater quality to them, but either way, these taste great together.

I first tried this rosé at Underdog at a Jenny & Francois tasting. It was April, but it was still kind of chilly and I wasn’t in full rosé mode yet. Well, here we are in late June and I am now in FULL fucking  rosé mode. Seriously, it has been work not to consistently post about rosé because that is most of what I have been drinking this summer. This wine smells like a rose garden with a bit of fennel mixed in. It is super subtle on the palate with notes of apricot and pink peppercorn. It is comprised of 80% Cinsault and 20% Syrah and is the palest shade of pink with an orange hue. I would legit wear a dress this shade because it’s understated and beautiful.

I’m drinking this and listening to Rilo Kiley’s “The Execution of All Things”. I cannot believe that came out in 2002, it’s still so good and relevant. It’s kind of the perfect summer soundtrack and pairs so nicely with the Petit Cochon Bronzé. I read this article a while back that basically said that you will always think the music you listened to as a teenager was the best ever. I think it holds true, at least for me. While I’ve added some new bands into my repertoire, I still rely heavily on the same stuff I listened to in high school-- Radiohead, Neko Case, David Bazan, etc. This wine is a little bit like that too, super good and super nostalgic. Even if you’ve never had it before, you’ll have memories of swigging it straight out of the bottle on hot summer nights in the mid-aughts. Go with it.