Scarpetta Timido Spumante Brut Rosé (Fuck National Rosé Day)

Apparently it is National Rosé Day because every damn day has to be something and it can’t just be Saturday. These national days are bullshit in my opinion, created to move product. That said, I am drinking rosé but it’s because I WANT TO not because someone told me it’s rosé day. The wine I chose to imbibe is the Scarpetta Timido Spumante Brut Rosé. I’ve had Scarpetta’s Frizzante as well as their red blend and loved both, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with the rosé. This sparkling Italian wine is made from Franconia and Pinot Nero grapes in the Charmante Method, which is also used to make Prosecco.

The wine smells like fresh dirt and roses, like gardening, which I do not do. Also some fresh rhubarb, tart but sweet. The same dirt hits hard on the tongue, it’s not bad though, just tastes like being outside. It is floral and acidic, tasting like lilies, which I can’t have in the house because they are toxic to cats unfortunately. It is the loveliest orange pink color. It’s tart like underripe cherries or like a tart cherry pie. Tart cherry pie is one of my favorites to make even though I am a mediocre pie maker at best. They are usually ugly, but always tasty. My family agrees with me.

This rosé reminds me of a trip I took  to British Columbia when I was 21. I was visiting my Canadian cousin, who was a French teacher in Victoria. They had the cutest house in Victoria, which is the absolute cutest city in Canada as far as I’m concerned. I got there a night before my parents came and my cousin and I drank rosé and watched a French film. I was minoring in French and was still getting used to the fact that I could drink legally, and it was probably better wine than I had ever had. The film was a tragic story about a couple, one of whom had HIV and didn’t survive. I kept sipping my wine, amazed I was able to understand most everything. I slept so well on the couch that night and the next day I ate the best salmon of my life.

If you can pair this rosé with a French film and Salmon, good for you. I, on the other hand, am about to go eat Mexican food and see the Heartland Men’s Chorus, so you could say that this wine is a lovely aperitif. If you need an excuse to drink rosé, fine, live up National Rosé Day, but just remember, you don’t need permission to drink good shit. Rosé is great any day of the year, but especially in the summer. Oh and I match my rosé because I got so sunburnt at the pool today as I was reading Missoula (so good and infuriating! Have you read it?) It's also National Herbs and Spices Day if you were wondering. So happy... whatever.