Dirty and Rowdy Mourvèdre


Hi, remember how I recently said that although we’ve reached peak November, I’ve still mostly been drinking light-bodied reds rather than the traditional full-bodied reds I go for in the colder months? That’s over now. I’m not saying that I’m retiring light-bodied reds for the season but just that I’m going to dive headfirst into Syrah and Zinfandel on a regular basis. We just got back from Dallas and one of the trees in our front yard had dropped all of its leaves. It only turned about a week ago so I was shocked, however this tends to happen; go out of town and the seasons just change. Well, now all I want to do is put on camp socks, fuzzy sweaters and listen to Sufjan Stevens’ Michigan. Oh and drink big bold reds.

Enter the 2016 Mourvèdre by Dirty and Rowdy. This is a wine that I have been wanting to get my hands on for some time but haven’t been able to find in Kansas City. I decided I would be on the lookout for it when I went to my favorite wine shop in Dallas, Bar and Garden. Sure enough, I found it! I will note that this was about $33, which is more than I usually spend on wine, but I knew going into Bar and Garden that I’d be dropping some dough since it’s a rare treat to go there in the first place. I decided to wait and drink it until I got home to Kansas City since I wanted to have it when the temp was below 60 degrees and it reached 78 when we were in Dallas.

It’s an opaque eggplant hue in the glass, super lovely. Brambly blackberry jam mingles with autumn leaves on the nose while sage and bright black currant shine through on the palate. This has everything I look for in wine-- body with tartness and the right amount of tannins and boy does it pair well with Sufjan Stevens. I fell in love with Sufjan as a sophomore in high school. There are a handful of artists whose work has grown with me in life and mirrored mine in so many ways. While some of the older stuff is a little too religious for me, I still love it.

K, well I am going to continue to listen to Sufjan, light every candle in my house, cuddle with my cats and keep sipping this wine.