Fall For Orange Wine


I love orange wines, but tbh, I’m getting a little oranged out. Don’t get me wrong, I think that orange wines fun are funky and I will always love them. However, it seems like KC finally got on the orange wine train and I can’t get away from them even if I try (a problem I never thought I’d have). However, I also feel like I need to taste everything, so when I see orange wine at a shop or on a menu, I usually try it. I first tried this wine at my birthday tasting at my favorite wine shop, Underdog. I bought a bottle and meant to review it but instead I opened it one night when I was already a little tipsy (which is no easy feat since the top is covered in wax) and crushed it. So here we are, nearly a month later and kind of feeling over orange wine for the season, but it matches the leaves so perfectly and like what did you think I was going to review for the fall, pumpkin spice lattes? No.

The Lovamor is made exclusively from Albillo Real grapes from the Ribera del Duero region of Spain situated in the central north. Albillo Real is grown widely throughout this region as well as in Madrid. Lovamor is organic, unfined and unfiltered (just the way I like it). The grapes see six days of skin contact, leading to an amber/golden hue. The winemaker who produces Lovamor is Alfredo Maestro, whose mantra is “Wine made with only grapes, well-kept vineyards, and healthy land.” Maestro employs natural and organic winemaking techniques, using old vines and neglected land. Maestro’s wines are imported by Jose Pastor Selections, which has been described to me as the Jenny & Francois of Spain. When I heard this, I knew I would love it.

The bouquet of the Lovamor is light but floral, smelling of lilies and honeysuckle. There’s a sweetness to it, but I’ve learned this is often deceiving when it comes to orange wines where the bouquet and the palate can be 100% different. The floral notes come through on the palate in such a nice way! It reminds me of the first orange wine I tried on a trip to L.A. It was a Georgian orange wine and was so light and floral, but still had a bit of body from the skin contact. It tastes like orange blossoms (don’t sue me for comparing an orange wine to actual oranges, I know they aren’t made from oranges) and there’s a grittiness to it in the best possible way, which could be due to it being unfined and unfiltered.

This would be the perfect wine for drinking outside on a cool fall day while listening to old-ish Radiohead, which is what I’m doing. Today I read that some dude on Fox News called Radiohead the poor man’s Coldplay. When I was able to pick my jaw up off of the floor I immediately burst into laughter. Radiohead is hands down my favorite band and has been for 10+ years. Since reading that, I’ve been alternating between listening to The Daily Mail/Staircase single and the Knives Out EP-- two of my favorites. The weather is pretty perfect, it is in the high sixties and sunny. If I had my way, I would do nothing but drink this wine outside while listening to Radiohead for the duration of fall. In reality I need to go inside and cook dinner. However, if you have some free time this week, I’d highly recommend picking up some Lovamor, taking it outside and turning on Radiohead. Oh, and I should mention that I stole the title of this post from a window display at a wine shop in Chicago. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯