If You're Drinking This It's Too Late


Like every good Jewish girl I know, I love Drake. What choice do we have? He is beautiful, talented and an MOT. Oh and he loves his mom but doesn’t seem overly attached (cause that’s annoying af). When I found out that Drake’s birthday was just 12 days after mine I was like, yeah of course it is, because we have a connection. If you didn’t know it was Drake’s birthday then now you know, now you know. So on this day, I’m raising not just a glass but the whole bottle to Champagne Papi himself.

I decided I had to go with a sparkling rosé because he literally wrote a song about poppin rosé and generally if you’re poppin bottles, they’re sparkling. Some may say rosé season is over, but this is the time of year that my rosé-fatigue from said rosé season starts to dissipate and I can enjoy it again. And regardless of the time of year, I always enjoy a sparkling rosé because I’m kind of basic and don’t care. I’ll even drink a $5 sparkling rosé if you offer it to me and it’s not sweet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The way I learned about Drake is pretty nerdy. It wasn’t in a bar or a club, it was on NPR in like 2009; man, I’m talkin way before hashtags. I remember the host talking about this Canadian Jewish rapper and I was intrigued. I started listening and never stopped. 2009 was actually kind of a dark year. I was in a shitty relationship and had a lot of shitty friends (all I ever needed was the squad so that's what's up) so I spent a lot of time in my apartment doing French homework and listening to Drake. Don’t worry, that guy and I broke up eventually and when he asked me where I was movin I said on to better things. My favorite album dropped in 2015, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, and I still listen to it on the reg. While I like his newer stuff, 6 God will probably always be my favorite song and I also have a tendency to rap Energy to myself when people are pissing me the fuck off.

I suppose I should tell you about this wine. I went into my favorite wine shop and said “look, I’m writing a post about Drake, I need a dope rosé.” I was pointed to the Jansz sparkling rosé. The Jansz winery is based in Piper’s Brook, in northern Tasmania. The wine is made in what they call, Méthode Tasmanoise, which is basically sparkling wine made in the style of Champagne in Tasmania! Jansz was actually the first winery in Tasmania to employ this method to make sparkling wine. It should also be noted that northern Tasmania’s climate is similar to that of the Champagne region in France. It’s a beautiful rose gold hue and smells of apricots, rose petals and wet cement. On the palate it is bright but rich, tasting like lemongrass and pink peppercorn. It’s really delightful and would be perfect for day drinking. TBH, after a few glasses, this rosé got me feelin like the one again.

So here we are in 2017, still listening to Drake but in a much better place than I was in 2009. I definitely credit my friends and my husband with this and I can't really see another squad tryin to cross us, nah. I also have come into my own. College was a major learning and growing experience for me. I've grown a lot since then but man, who I was at 18 vs. 23 is insane to think about. 

Well, there you go. I didn’t have to pair a wine with Drake’s birthday but fuck it, somebody gotta do it. Hate if someone else did it. Fuck, I may as well do it.

K, thanks for humoring me by reading this but I’m bout to call your ass an Uber, I’ve got somewhere to be.

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